Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let it Rain.

Seriously, this week has been Rough (yes, with a capital r).

I feel like every time I turn around, something else is going wrong.  I find myself shaking my head and wondering when I'll catch a break.

And, of course, I hate feeling like a pessimist, but this week it's just been hard for me to see the good things in my life.  Not when all those craptastic things keep piling up in a never-ending pile.

I jokingly told a friend that I was throwing a dramatic teenage-like tantrum this week because life is unfair.

Since shopping always makes me feel better, here's some rain inspired items that I love.

Kawaii Cloud Necklace with R...

Tea Print - Rain Decor - Ind...

Personalized Jewelry - Rain ...

Hand Painted Flats - Hope - ...

Embroidery Hoop Art. Raining...

Typography print Retro po...

Rain Cloud. Pillow in Natura...

Pink Rain Coin Purse

Cloud Necklace - Let It Rain...

Button Set "Singin'...

Rain Cloud Water Droplets Fl...

Rain on Me

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