Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Changes

So many changes happening in my life recently. As an avid fast food fan (how's that for some alliteration?) I have been fast food free since January 1st. I take that back, I've had Chipotle like, three times since then.

Gone are the nights that I spend trying to decide which fast food place to get dinner from. Instead, it's been replaced with me in the kitchen, happily trying to decide what I want to prepare for dinner.

In that, I've gone completely soda free (and almost entirely coffee free) and while I miss both of those things, I also am more excited that I'm no longer dependent upon caffeine to help me throughout my day. I have coffee on the weekends if I remember. That's about it.

Seriously, this is coming from a girl who drank literally 32 oz or more of soda a day, and that's not even counting my coffee intake.

I'll be honest, my body has never felt better. My stomach and digestive system are thanking me (at least, that's what I imagine in my head).

I'm down 11 lbs (before my sister threw a party and we ate like crazy asses the entire weekend) and while I have so many more pounds to go, I feel motivated and excited about this journey.

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