Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gladiator Rock n' Run

Well, I did it! On March 17th that is. Yeah, I'm a bit late posting this.

The Gladiator 5k (which we learned later was a 7k. surprise!) was, I'm actually surprised to hear myself saying this, fun.

It took my sister and I two hours and 4 minutes to complete the 7k.  It started up a mountain (literally) and honest to god, I thought I was going to die in the first ten minutes up the mountain.

Thankfully it leveled out as we went on.

There were 12 obstacles, and they included (not in any order and I may not remember them all)

- climbing a staircase of haystacks
- carrying a sack of dirty across the field
- swimming under boards in a pool of icy water
- climbing into and out of dumpsters (we only did the first one)
- climbing over mud hills
- climbing a 12 foot (estimate) wall
- crawling through a mud pool using only our hands and stomachs
- crawling through an underground tunnel (that was the fastest I've ever crawled, as I'm slightly claustrophobic)
- climbing a super tall cargo net
- jumping over fire

Here's some pictures of that day!

I think I'm just looking at my sister like, "WTF is she so happy about?" I love her face in this one.  This is the mud crawl (if you couldn't tell)

There we are, all smiley with our medals!

We found out that Gladiator plans on coming back to our town in around October/November-ish. We're definitely going again!

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  1. Congratulations! Looks like you had lots of fun! Your post inspired me until I looked at my couch and thought, "Why don't I just army crawl over there and call it a day?" Can't wait to hear about when you do it again!


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