Sunday, March 25, 2012

Personal Goals

My sister joined the gym I am a member at.

Two nights ago she had her free session with a personal trainer, so I tagged along (and didn't work out, but we won't really talk about that).

It was interesting to listen to him ask her questions and to hear some information on getting healthier and losing weight.

One of the questions he asked my sister was if she had an image in her mind about how she wanted her body to look.  This caused me to start thinking about what I wanted to look like and I think I have an image finally.

I want to be fit and tone all over and have energy again and not want to die of being out of breath after walking up a hill or up stairs. Um, and I want pink workout clothes.

After listening to the trainer talk with my sister, and then watching her get a kick ass work out in just under 30 minutes, I decided to take a leap and sign up for two personal training sessions a month for the next year.

It's pretty pricey but I'm excited to get started and find a work out structure for me.  I received my own personal fitness book and my trainer will log my exercises and give me things to do when I'm not meeting with him.

I'm down 16-ish pounds (depends on the day lately) and I've been tracking my food intake for almost 90 days. I'm ready to start building muscle and working on my physique.

It's definitely time.

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