Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's funny, but whenever I arrive at Disneyland, it's always like being there again for the first time.

We were lucky enough to get park hopper passes again this year, so I got to visit both Disneyland and California Adventure.

I rode all the major rides I wanted to, and even did a few new ones, like the Buzz Lightyear ride. How come no one ever told me that ride was so much fun?

My friend and I cackled like maniacs throughout most of the rides. Then we decided we must be adrenaline junkies because we loved all the rides that make our insides flip flop.

In the afternoon, we were in Mickey Mouse's house waiting to meet him.  And then we realized we needed to get out and head back to our groups because we were switching parks. Because we were deep inside his house surrounded by people, we went out the emergency exit....

And ended up in the back of Toon Town. Totally not where we thought we'd end up.  Some workers found us (I mean, not hard to realize we're tourists as we're wearing Minnie Mouse ears and we look lost) and they politely pointed us to the right direction.  We ended up going back into the park via the staff entrance and confusing a lot of the tourists standing outside Mickey's house waiting to get in.

Here's a photo of me in Disneyland.  I'm currently down 20 lbs!  I was looking back at old photographs of myself and I had a hard time finding pictures of more than just my face.  I found that during this trip I was more willing to pose for whole body shots.

Definitely a very tiring weekend, but also quite fabulous!

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  1. I am leaving for DisneyWorld this Sunday!! So excited! Glad you enjoyed your trip :)

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