Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grocery Shopping

In the near six months that I've been on the road to eating better, my grocery shopping habits have definitely changed.

This is what I used to shop like:

It's a funny picture, but it's so accurate for my old shopping style.  I'd show up at the grocery store (sometimes with a plan, sometimes not, and sometimes I'd go hungry), and I'd wander the aisles and just pick up random things.

My favorite things to buy back then were (in no particular order):

- Velveeta Shells n Cheese
- Skillet meals (particularly the three cheese one with broccoli and noodles)
- Soda
- Frozen pizza
- Lucky Charms
- Any other assortment of processed food

Literally, 90% of my cart would be frozen, pre-made meals.  Our freezer would be stocked for weeks, with all the microwave meals we purchased.

As time has gone on, I feel like I've gotten better at grocery shopping.  I stick to the perimeter of the store as much as possible (it's where all the good, fresh stuff is), and I rarely venture into the aisles unless I need something that isn't a packaged meal.

Now I've noticed that my cart is almost 50% fresh vegetables and fruits, which is a huge change from where I used to be.

My favorite things to buy in the grocery store now:

- asparagus
- chicken breast tenders
- tuna
- potatoes
- milk
- rolled oats
- apples

Don't get me wrong, I do crave those processed foods (like right now, I really would like some shells n' cheese), but I figure if I don't buy them and put them into my house, I can't eat them.

And avoiding those aisles altogether has really saved me.

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  1. Good for you!

    I've been trying to get back on track with Weight Watchers, and shopping the perimeter really is how to do it. I plan to occasionally let myself have one of those old faves (Shells n cheese...OMG...mouth watering now!!!), but it's all about moderation. I'm a huge fan of the chicken breast tenders, I bake them with a drizzle of Kraft Lite Asian Sesame Dressing...aaaaaaamaaaaazing!

    Keep up the good work!


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