Saturday, May 5, 2012


My husband has recently taken up with fishing.  So lately on Sunday mornings, he'll be up and out of the house before 5 a.m.

Last night he informed me that he and a friend had bought fishing kayaks and that both of them were in our garage.  I was intrigued because I've never been in a kayak so last night if you had happened to wander by our house, you would have seen me sitting in a kayak in the middle of the garage.

We decided to take them both out and give them a try today. So this morning (at a much later time than he normally gets up) we loaded up and left for water.

We arrived at about 7 a.m. and this is my first view.

It's silent, the water is smooth as glass and the weather is beautiful.

I not-so-gracefully entered into the kayak and from first paddle I was in love.

This was my view from my kayak this morning.  I brought a waterproof case to house my phone into. :)

We ended up being on the water for about five hours today.  We went further down the waterways and found it to be really clear (and in some cases, quite shallow) and I delighted in pointing out fish to my husband, who unsuccessfully fished today.

Although, in trying to be funny, he grabbed my kayak and rubbed his against mine and his fishing pole was hanging on the back of his kayak and the lure got stuck in my shirt (that part wasn't supposed to happen).  So then I had to wait patiently for him to get out his tools so he could cut the lure out of my shirt AND sports bra.

Be that as it may, we left the water and went back home to shower and clean off the kayaks, and then we went out and bought me my own kayak!

Look, it's lime green!  It's such a happy color!

So now we plan on doing lots of kayaking and swimming in the lake this summer. I'm super stoked!

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