Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peace of Mind

I'm getting back to the point where the gym has become my refuge when I need to release stress.  It used to be like that for me; I'd have a stressful day and I'd go work it off in the gym.

But then life and, well let's be honest here, laziness took precedence and I decided that instead of working off my stress physically, I'd just eat it in food.

And I'd justify my food intake by saying I deserved it because I'd had a hard day, or that I was just tired (and man, was I tired a lot).

Some days I find myself trying to get back into that mode of, "I've had a bad day, I deserve bad food" and it's not a pretty place for me to be.  One day I ate an entire chocolate bar before 8:30 in the morning.

But overall, I can't be too unhappy with myself.  I'm down almost completely 20 lbs from five months ago, and I have a personal trainer and I try to get to the gym two or more times a week.  That's a complete 180 from where I was even six months ago.

Tonight I knew I wanted to go to the gym.  I decided it needed to be a quiet night of hill climbing on the treadmill and then taking a yoga class.

It's amazing to me how much the stress of the day melts off when all I'm thinking about is what's playing on my Pandora station and how much I'm sweating.

And even after all this time, yoga still makes me such a happy girl.  I've always equated yoga class as my spiritual place of refuge (almost like a church for me) because I go in and somehow the instructor always has some sort of life lesson to impart on us before we leave.  And somehow, it always seems to go in line with what I need to hear in my own life.

Tonight's message was simply to focus on myself and not get too caught up in all the outside stuff, much easier to hear and pass on than actually do.

Be that as it may, I left the gym feeling exhausted and completely relaxed.  A success, I'd say.

Seriously guys, some day I'm going to be able to rock out that pose.

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