Monday, June 4, 2012

Gym Class Etiquette

Since I've been working out, I've taken a few gym classes.  My favorite by far being yoga class.

Last Friday, I arrived to class a bit early (to get a good spot) and laid out my mat.  I was near the back corner alone.

Suddenly, two women come in and put their mats DIRECTLY behind me.  If you know anything about yoga, you know that you need to keep ample space between mats, otherwise you'll hit each other while doing poses.  That and it's awkward having someone that close.

I get up and move my mat forward more just as class starts.

The instructor asks if it's anyone's first time to yoga, and the two women behind me raise their hands.  Which, then I cut them a little slack because it's not like they know how far their mats should be from someone else.

But then, class starts and I'm concentrating on doing the poses and listening to the instructor.  And what do I hear?  The two women behind me whispering and making comments about class.

And THEN, one of the women flips open her phone to take a phone call, IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS!

I mean, come on, do you really need to answer your phone during a gym class?

As if one phone call taker wasn't bad enough, another women a few spaces down from me repeatedly kept getting up and leaving class to go answer her phone.

As much as I was trying not to pay attention and to focus on what I was doing, it was really hard with all the whispering and phone call taking in the middle of class.

So please, I'm begging you, if you go to a gym class, please don't talk while the instructor is teaching, and please don't answer your phone in the middle of class.

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